Corporate governance

Elanor Investors Group (ASX:ENN) is a stapled security comprising Elanor Investors Limited (Company) and Elanor Investment Fund (Trust). Elanor Funds Management Limited is the Responsible Entity of Elanor Investment Fund.

The Board of the Responsible Entity and the Board of the Company (together referred to as the “Board”) is responsible for establishing a sound framework of corporate governance and implementing the corresponding governance culture and processes for the Elanor Investors Group. The Board recognises that corporate governance procedures can add to the performance of the Elanor Investors Group, increase security holder value and engender the confidence of the investment community.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Group, including  approval and monitoring key strategic objectives and performance goals. The Board monitors the financial position and performance of the Group, and oversees its business strategy, including approving the Group’s strategic goals. Elanor’s corporate governance structure and processes are aligned with the strategic intent and operating activities of the Group.

The Board seeks to ensure that the Group is properly managed to protect and enhance security holder interests, and that the Group, its Directors, officers and personnel operate in an appropriate environment of corporate governance.

The Board has created a governance framework for managing the Group in line with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principals  of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations. This includes an Audit and Risk Committee and a Remuneration and Nominations Committee, Board and Committee Charters and various corporate governance policies designed to promote the responsible management and conduct of the Group.