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Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

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Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park is located in Western Sydney, 40km west of the Sydney CBD on the Blue Mountains tourist route. The park was first developed in the 1970’s as a private wildlife and recreation park and has been managed by Elanor since 2013. Featherdale Wildlife Park boasts Australia’s largest collection of native animals, housing over 2,000 animals from over 260 species; Large birds (Cassowary, Emu etc.), Kingfishers, Raptors (Buzzards, Kites), Water Birds, Parrots, Finches, Pigeons, Owls/Nightjars, Soft Bills, Venomous Snakes, Pythons, Lizards/Dragons, Turtles, Monitors, Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, Quoll, Tasmanian Devil, Bilby, Wallaby, Echidna, Dingo and farmyard animals (goat, sheep, cattle). The Park is world renown for its unique animal encounters and interactive experiences (e.g. pet a Koala).

Featherdale plays a vital role in multiple conservation efforts throughout the country. The Park makes a valuable contribution to the many challenges facing wildlife by providing access to universities and other zoological institutions for the study of key species.

In addition to the animals, the 3.29 hectare site also features a single level retail building inclusive of free car and coach parking (for 100-120 cars), a two level café, an office building, and a range of animal enclosures. The site also has alternate use potential for residential sub-division.


217 Kildare Rd, Doonside, NSW 2767