Established in 2009, Elanor Investors Group (“Elanor” or “Group”) is an ASX listed (ASX:ENN) Australian real estate funds management business, managing over $2.5 billion of assets across Australia and New Zealand.

The key strategic objective of the Group is to identify and originate real estate backed investments that deliver strong returns for both Elanor’s funds management capital partners and Elanor security holders.

Elanor’s investment focus is on acquire and unlock value in real estate assets that deliver superior risk adjusted returns for Elanor’s private and institutional capital partners.

Acquisition opportunities are evaluated through a value-for-risk and sustainability lens.

Elanor’s highly active approach to asset management is underpinned with urgency and an acute focus on delivering investment outperformance.

The Group’s key real estate investment sectors of focus are the commercial office, healthcare, retail and hotels, tourism and leisure sectors.

Elanor Investors Group’s investors comprise security holders in Elanor Investors Group (ASX:ENN) and Elanor’s capital partners in its managed funds, including the listed Elanor Retail Property Fund (ASX: ERF) and Elanor Commercial Property Fund (ASX:ECF).