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Growing and Supporting Our People

Growing Our People

We foster a learning culture that prioritises people’s career aspirations, personal growth, learning and development.  We develop deep professional expertise and create the conditions for collaboration across Elanor to share this expertise.

We cultivate an environment where we achieve our potential and support growth and ambition. We know that those who keep learning will keep growing, and as such drive a culture of high performance.

Working with Elanor will help you to pursue your own individual growth ambitions. We are proud of our Personal Growth Review (PGR) program, which fosters learning, mentoring, training and development. This program allows our teams to individually dig deep, own your strengths, and consciously and proactively work on areas to develop. We strive for excellence, we strive for the pursuit of growth and we seek people who have the same drive.

Supporting Our People

Elanor supports a workplace culture that brings us together around shared values and purpose, creating a strong sense of connection. Our culture enables all of us to live Elanor’s values, work collaboratively, and provide care and support to all. Elanor has established and continues to foster a culture of inclusion and diversity, built on our values and growth ambitions.

Elanor’s commitment to diversity permeates our inclusive working environment, and embraces individual strengths and differences, to provide the opportunity for all of our people to achieve their potential and personal growth ambitions.

We believe that valuing individuals’ differences allows each person to contribute their unique experiences and talents, and that embracing diverse perspectives and cultural experiences inspires creativity and drives innovation.