Elanor Retail Property Fund

Fund Strategy The strategy of the Fund is to:
  • acquire and hold the Properties to provide Investors with a quality, high yielding real estate investment.
  • implement leasing and active asset management to improve the income and value of the Properties.
  • acquire high investment quality Future Assets over the next 2 years in line with the Fund's investment criteria that are each accretive to the total return of the Fund and will deliver increased diversification.
  • build a portfolio of approximately $200+ million.
  • undertake an exit strategy to realise significant additional 'portfolio value' by way of either:
    • a sale of the Portfolio, to realise a 'portfolio premium' for the aggregated assets; or
    • listing the Fund on the ASX with a distribution yield that is expected to be materially higher than comparable ASX listed retail Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Current Portfolio Auburn Central
Manning Mall
Glenorchy Plaza
Tweed Mall
Northway Plaza
Gladstone Square
Hunters Plaza
Bluewater Square
Portfolio WALE 5.7 years (Income); 6.5 years (Area)