Corporate Governance

Elanor Retail Property Fund (ASX: ERF) comprises the stapled securities of the Elanor Retail Property Fund I and Elanor Retail Property Fund II.

Elanor Funds Management Limited is the Responsible Entity of Elanor Retail Property Fund.

The Board of the Responsible Entity and the Board of the Company (together referred to as the "Board") is responsible for establishing a sound framework of corporate governance and implementing the corresponding governance culture and processes for the Elanor Retail Property Fund. The Board recognises that corporate governance procedures can add to the performance of the Elanor Retail Property Fund, increase security holder value and engender the confidence of the investment community.
Elanor Funds Management Limited has appointed Pitcher Partners Sydney to be the auditor of the Compliance Plans of Elanor Retail Property Fund. The Pitcher Partners national association is also an independent member of Baker Tilly International.

Corporate Governance Statement 2018

Corporate Governance Statement PDF (444kb)


Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Charter PDF (241kb)


Continuous Disclosure Policy PDF (195kb)
Securities Trading Policy PDF (249kb)
Securityholder Communication Policy PDF (113kb)
Code of Conduct PDF (223kb)
Risk Management Policy PDF (263kb)